XRAY NT1 - 2017 SPECS - 1/10 LUXURY NITRO TC    [X330013]

2017 NEW

  • All-new chassis features stiffer area under rear suspension for increased stability, larger openings under front suspension for increased forward traction. An additional opening (matching the flywheel opening) has been added to the other side of the chassis for equal side flex.
  • All-new redesigned aluminum rear bulkheads for improved flex characteristics of the rear suspension
  • All-new redesigned aluminum rear upper clamps work with new rear bulkheads and offer increased durability
  • All-new redesigned aluminum rear - front 1-piece suspension holder allows mounting of the rear bulkheads into the holder for improved flex of the rear suspension. The holder is now inserted into the chassis for better centering
  • All-new redesigned aluminum rear 2-speed shaft bulkheads lower the rear 2-speed shaft to decrease the CG of the rotating parts
  • All-new graphite reinforcement plate connects the rear 2-speed shaft bulkheads for improved stability
  • All-new thicker graphite rear shock tower improves high-speed steering. Body posts are mounted on the shock tower wider for increased stability
  • All-new thicker graphite roll-center bridge removes unwanted flex of the rear suspension and improved cornering speed
  • All-new updated aluminum upper arm holders offer improved flex of the front suspension and forward traction
  • All-new softer upper suspension arms offer improved in-corner steering and increased forward traction
  • All-new alu front middle shaft holder
  • Upgraded steel pivot balls allow increased steering angle for better cornering speed and out-of-corner steering
  • All-new redesigned aluminum radio plate mounts are now mounted to the chassis equidistant from the chassis centerline, and inline for more equal chassis flex characteristics
  • All-new relocated side-belt tensioner mounts directly to the aluminum radio plate holder to reduce wear
  • All-new redesigned graphite radio plate offers improved in-corner steering, improved front suspension flex, and improved forward traction
  • All-new graphite rear stiffener works with the new repositioned aluminum radio plate mounts to increase stability.  Replaces the previous link.
  • All-new redesigned engine mounts offer improved and more equal chassis flex under the engine area
  • All-new brake pad material for smoother, more consistent braking and better braking feeling
  • All-new redesigned rear lower pivot pins work with adjustable rear wheelbase.
  • All-new adjustable rear wheelbase allows 2mm rearward relocation of the rear arms for improved traction
  • All-new 2.0mm softer front anti-roll bar wire is included in the kit for improved in-corner steering
  • Improved flex of the front & rear suspensions



  • Developed, designed and styled by Martin Hudy, manufactured exclusively by XRAY in Europe in the world's most sophisticated RC manufacturing facility
  • Pure racing design, premium luxury quality, highest performance
  • Premium, exclusive, and high-tech materials used throughout
  • Unique, super-strong composite materials with XRAY's self-developed secret compound mixtures for suspension and drivetrain parts
  • Low-CG nitro touring car platform
  • Unique and revolutionary chassis flex adjustment with optional 1-piece engine mounting system
  • Easy access to all drivetrain parts allows super-quick rebuilds and set-up changes


  • CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 chassis, super-narrow design
  • Chassis design is stiffer under rear suspension area for better stability of the car
  • Chassis design has greater opening window under front suspension for better forward traction
  • Chassis design allows to adjust rear arm wheelbase and allows to move the rear arm 2mm more to the back for improved traction 
  • Chassis has the opening window for the flywheel also on the other side for equal flex
  • The cutouts under the engine area were removed for chassis reinforcement in engine area
  • Smooth chassis underside with countersunk fasteners
  • Rear layshaft bulkheads inserted inside chassis for better bulkhead centering and with added extra third screw positioned more backward for even stronger reinforcement of the layshaft 
  • Lowered layshaft bulkheads to lower the rear 2 speed shaft to decrease the CG of the rotation parts 
  • Front middle shaft holder with incorporated muffler mounting system to eliminate influence of flex is inserted inside chassis for better centering
  • Centralized, low-mounted receiver battery pack below fuel tank for easy access; micro-size receiver battery pack allows fuel tank to be lowered even further for better CG
  • CNC-machined 2.5 mm graphite radio plate for improved in-corner steering as well as improved flex of the front suspension for increased forward traction 
  • Radio plate Multi-Flex™ adjustment bushing for super-fine tuning in servo saver area 
  • Low-profile centralized 75cc fuel tank with hypertonic lid and internal stone-type filter, featuring specially-designed internal baffles for improved fuel pickup and scavenging
  • Fuel tank pressure cap has 1-pc profiled seal for perfect fit and sealing
  • Increased clearance between fuel tank and radio plate allows more fuel tank movement
  • Super-lightweight aluminum bulkheads create a central backbone for precision-engineered suspension geometry and chassis flex, allowing easy access to all parts
  • Super-lightweight aluminum suspension holders for superior suspension geometry and chassis flex, allowing easy assembly & disassembly of suspension arms
  • Integrated front & rear belt tension adjustment in upper clamps
  • Unique compact lightweight radio case with optimized internal layout for receiver and an optional on-off switch 
  • Car holder features an eyelet which allows the fuel tank opener string to be securely captured, aids in consistent refueling
  • Graphite rear stiffener connects rear suspension to radio plate
  • Aluminum rear-front 1 piece holder allows to mount rear bulkheads into the holder for improved flex of the rear suspension. The rear-front 1 piece holder is inserted into the chassis for better centering.
  • Graphite roll-center bridge made from thicker material to remove unwanted flex of the rear suspension and to improve cornering speed
  • Aluminum radio plate mounts mounted to the chassis in same distance from the center of the chassis as well as in same line for more equal chassis flex characteristics
  • New graphite rear stiffener is designed to work with the new position of the aluminum radio plate mounts. Graphite stiffener is also replaced from link for better stability of the car 



  • Quick-set 2-piece aluminum engine mounting system with fixed engine position for super-easy engine installation and gear mesh adjustment
  • Engine mounts design ensures equal flex of the chassis under the engine area
  • Optionally-available 1-piece engine mounting system for quick & easy engine exchanges, gear mesh adjustment, and chassis flex adjustment
  • Easily-adjustable 3-shoe XCA (XRAY Centrifugal-axial) reverse clutch provides smooth & fast acceleration, while increasing the clutch shoe lifespan
  • Swiss 7075 T6 hardcoated flywheel
  • Clutchbell, clutch nut, flywheel nut, and thrustbearing collar manufactured from special HUDY Spring Steel™ for maximum lifespan and durability
  • Hardcoated flywheel, clutch disc, and spring cup manufactured from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum
  • Clutchbell/pinion gear construction allows super-precise assembly
  • Swiss 7075 T6 machined pinion gears have individually-machined teeth made on a high-precision gear production machine, then are specially hardcoated for maximum life
  • Carbide axial thrustbearing and high-tensile spring 



  • Strong, highly-efficient brake system
  • Laser-cut, precision flat-ground ventilated steel brake disk for true, wobble-free rotation
  • High-grip pads are resistant to overheating, to give strong, fade-free braking
  • Brake pads made from the SLS brake material for smoother, consistent braking and provides better braking feeling
  • Laser-cut steel brake pad backing plates
  • CNC-machined steel brake cam is ball-bearing supported for super-smooth and precise brake control


  • Super smooth and efficient 1/10 touring car drivetrain
  • Ultra-smooth, highly-efficient belt/pulley drivetrain with super-low rotating mass
  • Extensive use of HUDY Spring Steel™ in drivetrain parts gives highest performance and unmatched lifespan
  • Lightweight differentials for enhanced efficiency of the lightweight drivetrain system
  • Super-smooth, no-slip, high-durability gear differentials are easily adjustable with different diff oils
  • Solid axle diff adapter transforms differential into a solid axle (spool)
  • Diff outdrives manufactured from HUDY Spring Steel™ are specially ground for maximum precision 
  • Easy differential access: front diff accessible by removing 6 screws, rear diff accessible by removing 4 screws
  • High-performance HUDY Spring Steel™ front CVD drive shafts
  • Rear dogbone-style HUDY Spring Steel™ drive shafts mate to rear wheel axles
  • PUR® reinforced high-efficiency, low-friction, fine-pitch drive belts
  • Pulleys molded from low-friction composite material for extra-long lifespan
  • Complete set of high-speed, blue-sealed ball-bearings, degreased, lightly oiled with Aero Shell Fluid 12™ for maximum drivetrain efficiency
  • Main ball-bearings are oversize with extra-strong bearing frames for smooth, efficient running even under extreme conditions
  • CNC-machined ultra-lightweight wheel hex drive hubs made from Swiss 7075 T6 black-coated aluminum, featuring clamping design for ultra-solid mounting of the wheel on the hub. Optionally-available hex drive hubs offer different offsets for adjusting track-width. 
  • Adjustable side belt tensioner mounted directly to the aluminum radio plate holder eliminate the wear 



  • Super-efficient 2-speed transmission offers better bottom-end power & acceleration, lower rotating mass
  • Small, lightweight gear carrier and alu drive flange with 1-way bearing
  • Precision manufactured super-smooth middle layshaft made from tough HUDY shaft steel for 2-speed, specially heat-treated for extra strength and long life
  • High-quality 1-way bearing is hand-ground before installation for maximum running precision and strength
  • 2-speed spur gear adapter CNC-machined from Swiss 7075 T6 for precision fitting of 1-way bearing, allowing super-precise and wobble-free installation of spur gears
  • Superior precision-molded spur gears made from special composite mixture, super-quiet & true running
  • High-precision 2-speed adapter manufactured from hardened steel



  • Advanced suspension geometry, optimized and fine-tuned for high-competition racing
  • Aluminum Ackermann plate for extra reinforcement
  • Steering blocks designed for use with aluminum Ackermann plate allows a wide range of Ackermann & bump-steer adjustment
  • Steering blocks allow mounting of optional graphite aero discs for improved steering 
  • Rear uprights allow mounting of optional graphite aero discs for improved traction and stability
  • Lightweight, durable, reinforced suspension parts molded from XRAY's own composite mixture for suspension parts. Each suspension part is molded from a high-tech composite that is specially formulated for the particular part.
  • Highly-polished, high-tensile steel suspension pivot pins, polished for smooth suspension action
  • I.S.S. (Integrated Suspension Settings™) for fully-integrated adjustment possibilities
  • Full suspension adjustment via eccentric bushings in front upper arm and rear lower arm holders
  • Tiny, tough steering blocks made from special composite mixture have 0° kingpin angle; +1°kingpin steering blocks optionally available
  • Choice of front anti-roll bar systems: wire or blade-type (both included)
  • Optional front & rear anti-roll bar wires available for fine tuning
  • Ball-bearing anti-roll bar mounting system
  • Easy rear anti-roll bar setting 
  • Small, robust rear uprights feature easily-adjustable upper roll center positions
  • Premium HUDY Spring Steel™ adjustable turnbuckles with stiff core
  • Precision-ground steel pivot balls for robustness and enhanced lifespan; optional lightweight aluminum and titanium pivot balls available
  • Strong M10 composite nuts for minimal weight and smooth pivot ball movement


  • Centralized servo saver is ball-raced for super-precise, smooth operation
  • Adjustable spring preload tension
  • Easily-adjustable Ackermann positions
  • Steering blocks feature Ackermann & bump-steer adjustment for improved steering



  • Shocks provide maximum traction and steering, optimized up & down travel

  • Shock pistons with 2- and 3-hole designs and 1.0/1.1/1.2mm holes, made from special Delrin™ material to ensure extreme roundness and extra-smooth damping 

  • CNC-machined shock bodies made from Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, externally fine-threaded for precise ride height adjustment

  • Low-profile internal membranes for super-smooth, precise damping

  • Specially-hardened, polished shock shafts for maximum strength and ultra-smooth operation 

  • XRAY self-developed and manufactured racing springs are hand-selected and tested for maximum precision, equal length, and equal damping characteristics

  • Graphite rear shock tower made from thicker material for improved high speed steering. Body posts are mounted on the shock tower wider for better stability.


  • Central body mount (on radio plate) protects against body deformation while refueling, increases car stability in high-speed corners
  • Front upper & lower composite bumpers molded from special composite material to withstand hard impacts 
  • Composite upper holder for bumper designed for aluminum bulkheads
  • Compact front foam bumper made from lightweight, high-resilience foam 
  • Thick 6mm body posts can withstand hard crashes and flip-overs



  • Premium 3D full-color Instruction Manual & supplementary sheet
  • Exclusive Virtual Online Set-up Sheet database with thousands of set-up sheets for race tracks around the world
  • Premium, unmatched XRAY's online support 



  • Fully-adjustable front and rear suspension geometry: caster, camber, toe, anti-dive, anti-squat, ride height, droop, track-width and roll centers
  • XRAY Multi-Flex Technology™ allows for quick & easy chassis and radio plate stiffness adjustment 
  • Adjustable front & rear roll centers 
  • Adjustable front & rear wheelbase 
  • Adjustable belt tension control 
  • Adjustable HUDY Spring Steel™ turnbuckles (steering, front & rear upper links)
  • Adjustable Ackermann positions
  • Multiple upper shock mounting locations, front & rear 
  • Adjustable front anti-roll bar (rear optional)



Class:1/10 nitro touring car
Length w/o body:381 mm
Chassis length:341 mm
Wheelbase:258~262 mm
Width:adjustable 197~200 mm
Weight:945 g
Ready-to-run weight:1630 g


Chassis:CNC-machined 3.0 mm Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum
Shock towers:

machined laminated carbon graphite (front 2.5mm + rear 3.5mm) with multiple shock mounting and camber link roll center positions

Radio tray:machined laminated carbon graphite 2.5mm


Type:triple belt, 4WD
Final drive ratio (FDR):2-speed: 1st 7.56; 2nd 5.27 (at 1:1 overdrive)
Front differential:sealed, silicone-filled gear diff
Rear differential:sealed, silicone-filled gear diff
Drive axle:front CVD drive shafts - Hudy Spring Steel™ rear dogbone drive shafts - Hudy Spring Steel™
Suspension:pivot ball suspension
Shocks:machined aluminum, oil-filled, coil-over shocks shortened for improved suspension travel
Pinion gear (std):hardcoated alu 1st: 16T ; 2nd: 21T
Spur gear (std):molded composite 1st: 59T ; 2nd: 54T


Ride Height:adjustable front + rear
Camber:adjustable front + rear
Caster:adjustable front
Toe:adjustable front + rear
Downstops:Adjustable front + rear
Roll center:adjustable front + rear
Ackermann:adjustable front
Front anti-roll bars:free of choice - adjustable blade style or wire style 2.0mm
Rear anti-roll bar:wire style 2.0 mm


Wheels:Not included
Instructions:full-color Instruction Manual with 3D graphics (52 pages)
Set-up book:2-color Set-Up Book (39 pages) – not included, available for download only together with set-up sheet
Packaging:carton box with vinyl bags with parts
Additionally included:Authentication Certificate, parts list & exploded view, decals
Not included:radio system (transmitter and receiver), personal transponder, steering & throttle servos, engine, manifold & exhaust, starter box & starter box battery pack, receiver battery pack, glowplug igniter, battery charger, 1/10-scale bodyshell (200 mm), wheels & tires, Lexan® paint, model R/C car fuel (nitromethane), tape, air filter & oil, CA glue, bearing oil, medium-grade (blue) threadlock, tire truer, tools

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Pre-production prototype is shown, final specifications may slightly vary. In some pictures optional parts may be shown. All option parts are not included and must be purchased separately. The color of some aluminum parts may vary from kit to kit and some of the kits may not include all the orange, silver or black parts as shown. Some of the spare parts or option parts may not be available at the moment in the orange, silver or black color as shown. 

Data dodania produktu do sklepu: poniedziałek, 17 kwiecień 2017.



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