• New longer and wider chassis for increased stability and weight balance
  • New motor position and internal component layout to improve performance, efficiency and durability
  • New updated side guards
  • New 16° caster blocks suitable for majority of track conditions
  • New steering blocks for increased corner speed
  • New Ackermann position for increased corner speed
  • New HUDY Spring Steel™ turnbuckles with new size
  • New front shock tower with new roll center positions
  • New rear shock tower to accommodate optional longer chassis brace
  • New thicker motor/diff mount for improved strength
  • New servo mount
  • New radio box
  • New battery tray for improved durability

XB9E Features:
  • More forgiving and easy-to-control handling
  • Long-term tested by team and regular drivers in all standard conditions
  • Focus on smallest details to increase performance, handling, and reliability
  • Big bore shocks with redesigned internals have been long term tested at tracks and in the lab
  • Rear wing with increased side stability and increased downforce
  • More-reliable central drivetrain with larger outdrives and central drive shafts with 3mm pins
  • Drive shaft locking rings prevent the driveshaft from coming apart
  • Drive shaft rubber covers protect the CVD drive shafts from dirt
  • Front & rear drivetrain ratios feature 12T pinion gear and 40T diff gear 46T spur gear
  • Increased shock stroke for increased suspension downtravel
  • Reinforced shock ball-joints and shock balls with increased movement
  • Hardcoated shock bodies with black coating
  • Lower shock nut with shock shaft centering
  • Shock collar for increased suspension downtravel
  • Ultra-precise 6-, 8- and 10-hole shock pistons with different hole diameters
  • Longer shock shafts
  • Ultra-fine shock protective rubbers with reinforced construction and mounting
  • Rear uprights with dual holes for short and long arm mounting
  • Rear suspension arm gives possibility to adjust the length of the arm depending on the track conditions
  • Front suspension arms allow mounting of 5° king-pin steering block without needing to use offset wheel adapters
  • Steering plate with 3 different Ackermann positions
  • High-precision servo saver
  • Front and rear composite braces
  • Lightweight drivetrain parts
  • Updated rear wing holders
  • Body mounting via 1 front and 2 rear body mounts
  • Updated central differential mounts
  • Efficient Zero Kingpin suspension
  • Lightweight & strong composite steering blocks with molded-in aluminum bushings well-proven suspension parts and geometry
  • Ultra-low CG, all parts centralized in chassis
  • Optimized front/rear and left/right weight balance for perfect jumping
  • Pure racing design, highest performance, ultra-durable parts
  • Ultra-lightweight, high-tensile transmission parts hand-made from HUDY Spring Steel™
  • Drivetrain includes 22 high-speed rubber-sealed bearings for maximum efficiency and speed
  • Ultra-precision front/rear and center diffs with HUDY Spring Steel™ outdrives
  • Pinions, spurs and crown gears manufactured by HUDY
  • Compact steering blocks with molded-in aluminum bushings and ultra-light caster blocks
  • Ultra-strong inboard & outboard suspension pivot pins
  • Front & rear anti-roll bars
  • Centralized motor positioning
  • Gearboxes with Labyrinth Dust Covers™
  • XRAY Premium Shock Oils for perfect consistency
XB9E Specs:
  • Lenght: 490mm
  • Chassis lenght: 400mm
  • Wheelbase: 319~330mm
  • Width: 308mm
  • Weight: 1810g
  • Approximate running weight: 3350g


  • Chassis: CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 hardcoated aluminum
  • Radio tray: CNC-machined 2.2mm graphite
  • Front upper deck: Composite
  • Central diff upper deck: CNC-machined 2.22mm graphite
  • Braces: Composite braces (front / rear)
  • Suspension
  • Suspension: Adjustable suspension with preset geometry
  • Rear suspension: Lower H-arm with adjustable upper camber link
  • Front suspension: Zero Kingpin suspension
  • Rear upright: Composite with dual arm mounting and 3 roll center positions
  • Shocks: Big-bore shocks with various shock pistonsand with protective rubber folding shock boots.
  • Shock towers: Front 4.0mm graphite, rear 3.5mm graphite


  • Type: Full-time shaft-drive 4WD w/ center differentia
  • Primary: Steel spur gear / pinion
  • Drive shafts: HUDY Spring Steel™ CVD drive shafts
  • Central shafts: HUDY Spring Steel™ CVD drive shafts
  • Differentials: Sealed, 6 gear, silicone-filled
  • Bearings: Rubber-sealed

  • Pinion: 12T front / rear
  • Crown gear: 40front / rear
  • Pinion gear: not included
  • Spur gear: 46T
  • Primary ratio: 3.33:1
  • Final gear ratio: 11.79:1

Body,Tires, Wheels & Misc
  • Body: Not included
  • Tires: Not included
  • Wheels: Not included, standard 17mm hub
Adjustment possibilities
  • Standard adjustment: Camber, front toe-in, wheelbase, rear anti-squat, front and rear roll center, Ackermann
  • Optionally adjustable: rear toe-in, front kick-up, rear anti-squat
  • Items not included: Motor, Electronics (Radio, Receiver, Steering Servo, Battery Pack, Speed Controller), Pinion, Body, Wheels, Tires, Tools, Wheel tool, Switch, Paint, Charger, Universal tool for all nuts and turnbuckles

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